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You hate anti-wrinkle injections Nimue has developed the alternative – Nimue Skin Refirmer.


While your regime used to be compromised of a myriad of different products you can now change your beauty routine introducing the Cream that focuses on expression lines. It helps stimulates the production of collagen through the Palmitoyl Peptide -3 main second ingredients.


Nimue Skin Refirmer is one of the most sold Nimue products and women around the world are loving it.


A fast-acting multi-functional rejuvenation cream, based on a Peptide Complex and Ubiquinone aimed at the prevention and first appearance of expression lines and active anti-wrinkle and smoothing effect on existing lines and wrinkles


Product benefits:

  • Reduces muscle contractions and helps reduce expression lines.
  • Smooths out the skin`s surface.
  • Relaxes facial lines.
  • Multi-functional treatment that also offers skin firming and hydration for long term results


Application technique 

  • Can be used am or pm
  • As muscle action is most active during the day. It is ideal for daytime application, however, day and night usage further reinforces the efficacy for optimum results.
  • Apply a thin layer daily to clean dry skin after Nimue Cleansing Gel and Conditioner. Massage it into face, neck and décolleté until a full absorbed


  • Apply over Active Lotion or Booster such as Super Hydrating Serum, Multi Rejuvenating Serum where applicable.


Skin classification:

  • Environmentally damaged skin


Primary Active Ingredients

  • Biotechnological Peptide Complex (reduces muscle contraction for skin rejuvenation)
  • Co-enzyme Q10 (antioxidants)
  • Glycosaminoglycans (restore skin functioning-hydration)
  • Nanoemulsion via nanospheres (skin delivery system promotes penetration and efficacy of active ingredients)

Nimue Skin Refirmer

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